Meet Chris.

Body. Booty. Cellulite.™

Hi. I'm Chris!

I’m not sure if I found body sculpting or if it found me. Either way, there are two things I love about my work. The first is I’m helping women [and sometimes men] improve their physical appearance. And secondly, I’m promoting feelings of positivity and self-confidence. It’s the perfect scenario.

My journey began in 2011 when I became an esthetician. I performed facials, body waxes, chemical peels and more at various spas throughout metropolitan Atlanta. But I struggled. At that time my demographic was focused on lashes and brows only. So eventually I was forced to accept various positions in corporate to pay for all the bills that were piling up! Things got so hard that at one point, I had to apply for food stamps. I was derailed but I refused to fail!

From 2013-2019, while working a day job, I received certification as a bartender and nursing assistant. I had to keep food on the table and at that time my mom needed help. Then one day a good friend of mine who was looking into body sculpting encouraged me to take the course. I was hooked! I knew this was what I wanted to do! It was April 2019 when I completed that course. I practiced for a few months until I found an office space 4 months later in August. Then I worked my business part-time while still working in corporate. I contemplated resigning in January and then again in February, but the pandemic bum rushed the country and we began working remotely until my job finally furloughed me in April 2020. When Georgia reopened in June 2020, I mustered my drive, determination and fearlessness and hit the ground running mid-pandemic. Within 1 month I made 3 times more than I would have made in my old supervisory position. I was asked to return to work the next month but declined. I was determined to make body sculpting work…and it has for me. And now I am poised to make it work for you.

I’m a genuine person who really cares about how you look and feel in your own skin. My solution is to provide you with the experience you deserve. You’re worth it!


Chris Clifton.   

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