Sculpting & Skin Tightening Services

Body Sculpting Class w/Equipment

Body Sculpting with take home equipment. You receive a 6-in-1 machine with Laser Lipo, Lipo Cavitation, Vacuum Therapy and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. You can use this machine to start your own business as you will receive one in class upon selecting the class with equipment. This is 4-hour class starting @ $1,500.

Body. Booty. Cellulite.™

The Body. Booty. Cellulite.™ class gives you everything you need to start your business from an equipment standpoint. It comes with both the 6-in-1 machine and Buttock Therapy machine with regular and XL butt cups. That's a total of 2 machines to start your own business. This is a 6-hour class starting @ $2,497.

Technique Training

This is a how-to hands-on training, where we strictly go over technique. This is only if you have already taken a class and need to enhance your technique. Please Note: Do not take this class if you haven't already taken a Body Sculpting class. Proof of class completion will be requested. This is a 2-hour class @ $750.

Refresher on Curriculum

This is an online Zoom call where we go over curriculum as it relates to Body Sculpting. If you have selected this course, it is under the assumption that you have taken a Body Sculpting class elsewhere. This is simply a refresher on the basics, contraindications, medical conditions and more. This is a 90-minutes class @ $297.


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All appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance to receive full refund. If canceled less than 24 hours 1/2 of fee will be refunded. No call/no show will resort in no refund, forfeiting your chances to book in the future. If more than 15 minutes late your appointment could be canceled or service time could be reduced. All refunds will be refunded within 48 hours. Please account for third party processing days.

  • No Children allowed

  • No Walk-ins

  • No call no show appointments' will be blocked from future appointments

  • There are no refunds on any body service provided

  • No changes or additions to appointments can be made in office.


Become a body sculpting professional by taking one of the above classes with me, Chris. I'm a licensed Esthetician who decided to take a body sculpting class in 2019. It completely changed my life! Even through the COVID-19 pandemic my business soared and stayed afloat. With my knowledge and experience I'm equipped to teach you how to sculpt bodies, build booties & reduce cellulite.​

PLEASE NOTE: Each state's laws, requirements and procedures are different. Please check with your state before booking your class. - State Board of Cosmetology & Esthetics.

All classes are 1 day, anywhere between 4 to 6 hours of hands-on training with 6 months of free support


Classes consist of several options.

Option #1 Body Sculpting class with take home equipment at $1,500 - 1 machine

Option#2 Body. Booty. Cellulite.™ Class with take home equipment $2,500 - 2 machines.

Option #3 Technique Training Class for existing body sculptors, $550.

Option#4 Refresher on Curriculum Zoom video training, $297.

Option#5 1-on-1 Class with take home equipment $2,000 - This class is upon request, please reach out by text or call 678-665-6580.

Should you need a class WITHOUT equipment, please text or call 678-665-6580

I CAN RESPOND TO TEXT MESSAGES and DM's FASTER (678=665-6580 or @bodysculpt_bychris)


Should you have any questions, email or call/text 678-665-6580

The training includes

Laser Lipo

Lipo Cavitation

Radio Frequency (Skin Tightening)

Vacuum Therapy

Cellulite Reduction

Theory (Contraindications & Medical conditions)

Marketing Assistance

Domain name, logo, website assistance

Client Intake Forms

Training Manual (Technique training)

6-in-1 machine (Included in $1,500 class)


4 Certificates of Completion

6 months of free support (denied if you decide to teach these classes during the 6 months of support)

The below is relevant to you if you chose the BBC Class


The Body. Booty. Cellulite.™ Class comes with a vacuum therapy machine which plumps, shapes and add volume to the booty with suction cups. This machine also dissolves unwanted stubborn cellulite.

✔︎ Training Manual

✔︎ Theory

✔︎ Hands-on Training

✔︎ Health & Safety

✔︎ Certificate of Completion

✔︎ Take Home Equipment

✔︎ Vacuum Therapy Machine

✔︎ Regular Butt Cups

✔︎ XL Butt Cups

✔︎ Cellulite Dissolving Cup

✔︎ Molding cup

✔︎ 6 Months of Free Support


Student Testimonials

from our students

Being new to this industry I wasn’t sure what to expect from training. Chris was pleasant and professional from the first point of contact, I felt her energy even through her text messages. Training class with her was awesome, I gained a wealth of knowledge and made a few connections with other women new to the industry. After meeting Chris I am excited, equipped and ready to start my new career with confidence!! Thanks Chris, you are the BEST!!

Kaye T.

Class FAQs & Policies

Deposit Amounts:

• $500 non-refundable deposit for 1-on-1 Body Sculpting class with equipment. 

• $500 non-refundable deposit for Body Sculpting class with equipment.

• $500 non-refundable deposit for Body. Booty. Cellulite™ Class.

• $150 non-refundable deposit for Technique Training Class and Refresher on Curriculum Class.

• An invoice will be sent for remaining balance within 24 hrs. after reserving your spot.

• Make payments after receiving invoice as long as the balance is paid 7 days before class.

Your balance is due 7 days before class date. $75 late fee for payments received 24 hrs. after due date.

$150 late fee for payments received for payments received after 24 hrs. into 48 hrs. after due date. After 48 hrs. with unpaid balance, admittance to class will not be permitted and additional payments will not be accepted.

There's a fee of $25 should you need to reschedule for any reason, please notify 14 days before class.

Should you need to reschedule for a COVID related occurrence the $25 fee is waived and future dates will be 60 days from original class date.

The classes are anywhere from 4 to 6 hours consisting of a small group. Classes will remain small because of the current pandemic. Each student will practice on one another. All equipment will be tested before you receive it. Arrive at least 15 minutes before class for building access.

NOT PERMITTED under any circumstances:



DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF PRESENTATION (A manual will be provided)